Branch Manager

At Ditch Witch Mid-States, we strive to offer multiple different product selections based on industry knowledge, experience, and customer feedback. We have a selection of Branch Manager log grapples, brooms, and more. Branch Manager attachments are developed and manufactured specifically for the jobsite based on the expertise and knowledge of tree care companies.

Branch Manager attachments help make tree work simple! This product line is compatible with Ditch Witch Mini Skid Steers, GiANT Compact Wheel Loaders, and more. We offer GiANT Loaders and additional attachment options through our woman owned business affiliate, EarthworX Equipment.

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Our Most Popular Branch Manager Attachments:

56″ T1001 BMG Original Mini Skid Steer Log Grapple

The original mini-grapple built by Branch Manager™ mounts onto all mini-loaders, coming fully assembled and ready to go to work. The swivel mount with free rotation means less maintenance and less weight, allowing you to lift more. The large 56″ opening and light weight of 239 lbs. returns to the center. It delivers free rotation and turns the grapple, not your machine – which saves wear and tear on both your customers’ lawns and your machine. This grapple is our TOP SELLER!

T1070 BMG Rake

The BMG rake fits the Branch Manager Grapple and is designed for industry professionals that want to save hours on tree removal cleanups. This is great for sweeping up stump chips, rakings, pine needles, rocks, or anything you’d rather not rake by hand. The T1070 is compatible with both the Ditch Witch Mini Skid-Steers and GiANT Wheel Loaders and contains over 1700 Spring Steel tines that are virtually indestructible with no need to disconnect hydraulic hoses to use.

Branch Manager Mulch Bucket 

The Branch Manager Mulch Bucket is the LARGEST mulch bucket available on the market for mini machines. It’s available in both 48″ wide and 36″ wide, which makes site cleanup quick and easy. The 48″ wide bucket has a depth of 40″, a height of 33″, and weights 480 lbs. The 35″ wide bucket has a depth of 40″, a height of 33″, and weighs 415 lbs. Each size bucket has the option of a bolt-on cutting edge, available for an additional cost.

56″ T1036 BMGXR2 Mini Skid Steer Log Grapple

The original mini skid steer log grapple and log lifter by Branch Manager™ with Hardox® wear plate in the body and arms.  By using Hardox® wear plate instead of Branch Manager’s standard Grade 50 increases the strength by up to 3 times – while also providing superior abrasion resistance. Turn the grapple with powered rotation instead of your machine. This attachment is a great addition to your Ditch Witch SK1550.

Learn more about Branch Manager products that are available by viewing the Product Catalog here

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